Creating the Read&Write 6 for Mac Take Home version

If you have a site license of Read&Write 6, you can create a Take Home version of the software for students to install and use on their personal computers.

Below are some instructions to create the Take Home version of Read&Write.

Please note that your site license of Read&Write needs to be installed first on the computer that you will use to create the Take Home version.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Read&Write 6 site license serial number
  3. On the Home screen, click Additional Installation Options
  4. Click Create A Take Home VersionDownload take home user window
  5. Click Download Create Take Home Tool
  6. When the installer opens, click and drag the Create Take Home Version icon down to the Applications icon in the installer window. This will begin the installation.
  7. When the installation completes, go to your Applications folder and open the Create Take Home Version app
  8. If you see this screen, select OpenCreate take home window
  9. If you wish to create an access code for the Take Home version, click the Generate Access Code button  (see below for more information about the Access Code)
  10. Click the Choose Source button and navigate to the Read&Write Gold app, which is located in the Applications folder by default
  11. Create a folder named Read&Write 6 Take Home in a location on the host computer (Desktop is recommended)
  12. Click the Choose Destination button and navigate to the Read&Write 6 Take Home folder you just created

 13. Click the Create Take Home Version button to create the Take Home copy in the location chosen in Step 12

Create a take home window

Generating an Access Code

The Access Code can be used for expiring existing Take Home copies if usage is to be discontinued, i.e. for students who have graduated or should no longer have access to Read&Write. Users who are allowed to continue using the program must be given the new code to continue using the product.

This step is optional when creating the original Take Home copy. A new code can be generated at any time by opening the Create Take Home Version app in Applications and clicking the Generate Access Code button.