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No Sound On Read&Write Mobile (v11.5)

When using Read&Write Mobile User Account Control (UAC) on the computer must be enabled to allow speech to function

User Account Control window

The Mobile version of Read&Write for PC is a virtualized version which doesn't  install any of the speech engines on the local machine. If Windows User Account Control (UAC) in Control Panel > User Accounts is set to Never Notify it will prevent speech from interacting with Windows.

 Here is how to check the setting:

 1) Go to Start > Control Panel (if View By is set to Category - please change to either Small or Large Icons)

2) Click on User Accounts
3) In User Accounts, click on Change User Account Control Settings
4) If the slider bar is set to Never Notify, slide the bar up one notch and click OK
5) Reboot the computer - the settings will not take effect until the machine is rebooted

Please note: If your machine is on a corporate or school network, this setting may either be overridden or set by network policy. If UAC cannot be reset, please contact your network administrator. 

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