My PDFs don’t open with the Texthelp PDF Reader

Setting PDF Reader as Default

If you open a PDF and it doesn’t open with the Texthelp PDF Reader, a setting needs to be changed in Google Drive to set it as the default option

  • Click the Settings gear in Google Drive under your profile image

 Google Drive Settings Button

  • In the Settings menu go to Settings
  • In Settings go to Manage Apps, then scroll down to Texthelp PDF Reader and tick Use by default

 Use by default

Note: If you do not want the Texthelp PDF Reader to be the default, you can still use it with any PDF. In Google Drive right click on the PDF  file name and choose Open with and then select Read&Write for Google Chrome™.

Open With

PDFs Won’t Open After Installing the Texthelp PDF Reader

If PDFs won’t open after installing the Texthelp PDF Reader please check the following:

In the Chrome Omnibox (address bar) check on the right end to see if the Chrome pop-up blocker is enabled:

When you first open a PDF the message below will appear briefly

Popup blocked

Followed by a notification that a pop-up was blocked

Popup Blocked

To allow pop-ups for the Texthelp PDF Reader, click the pop-up warning icon and select Always allow pop-ups from

Always allow popups

You can then refresh the page (F5) or click the refresh button to the left of the address bar

If you see the screen below and nothing happens with you click Google Sign In

Google Sign In

The permissions window Chrome requires is open in a new tab and may be behind the screen your PDF is open with. Check your open tabls to locate the permissions screen.

Click Allow to grant access

Google Accounts Allow Access

PDFs Don't Open from Web Pages

First, check to make sure the PDF Reader is active by following the steps above in Setting PDF Reader as Default

For this to work, right click on the Texthelp PDF Reader icon and click Options 

Texthelp PDF Reader Options

Then check the box that says Open Web PDFs.

Open Web PDFs

PDFs will then open with the Texthelp PDF Reader toolbar

PDF Reader Toolbar