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Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar and web toolbar icon have disappeared

If you do not see the Read&Write for Google Chrome purple puzzle piece tabRead&Write for Google Chrome icon when you open Google Docs or Slides or the icon is missing on your Chrome toolbar, you may need to re-enable permissions.

It's also possible that the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension may have been disabled or the icon needs to be pinned.

Permissions need to be re-enabled

If permissions need to be re-enabled, you will see an orange circle with an exclamation point in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser where the Settings icon with the three dots icon New Chrome Menu Button Icon Screenshot.png normally appears. 

This indicates that an action is required:

Orange Circle Chrome Permissions Notification Icon

 Click the orange icon and you’ll see a notice at the top of the menu

(If the toolbar and icons are not appearing and there is no orange icon go to No Orange Icon Appears and Toolbar and Purple Puzzle Icon are Missing)

Click on Read&Write for Google Chrome requires new permissions:

Read&Write for Google Chrome requires new permissions

Then click the Re-enable button

 Chrome Permissions Re-enable Button

You will then see the purple puzzle piece icon for the web toolbar appear next to the Chrome address bar

 Read&Write for Google Chrome Web Toolbar Icon

The purple puzzle piece tab will now also appear in Google Docs and Slides

 Read&Write for Google Chrome Google Docs Toolbar Tab


If No Orange Icon Appears and Toolbar and Purple Puzzle Icon are Missing

Type chrome://extensions or click the Chrome Settings button with the three dotsNew Chrome Menu Button Icon Screenshot.png and go to More tools > extensions

Search for (or scroll down and locate) Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome Disabled Screenshot

Move the slider button over to the right to enable Read&Write

If permissions need to be updated, the following dialogue box will appear:

 Read&Write for Google Chrome Re-Enable Permissions Button

 Click the Re-enable button

Read&Write for Google Chrome will now be active

Read&Write for Google Chrome Enabled

Refresh any web pages that were open to allow the toolbar and the purple puzzle piece icon Read&Write for Google Chrome icon  to appear

Chrome Extension Icon Needs to Be Pinned

To pin the Screenshot Reader icon to your Chrome toolbar, click the dark puzzle piece and then click the Pin button

Pin menu option

Once the icon is pinned, it will then appear on the Chrome toolbar

Read&Write icon on the Chrome Toolbar

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