My files are stuck in the Drop here to convert folder

If your files are getting stuck into the Drop here to convert folder, first open the Snapverter dashboard by typing chrome://apps/ in the Chrome address bar and hit Enter.

Choose Snapverter from the list of apps. 

Google apps launcher

When the Snapverter dashboard opens look under History at the bottom of the screen. Any files that haven’t converted should appear under History with a warning icon. Hover over the triangle and an error message will appear explaining why the file failed.

Format Not Supported message from the snapverter dashboard  

You can send failed files to for us to test.

You may also need to delete your Snapverter folder and create a new one.

1. Navigate to your Snapverter folder and move any files that you want to keep.
2. Right click on the Snapverter folder and select Remove.

Drop down menu from right clicking on the snapverter folder listing remove at the bottom of that menu

3. Click on your Apps icon located in the top left corner of your browser.

App launcher bookmark under the url bar all the way to the left

4. Then click on the Snapverter icon when in your app launcher page.

Snapverter icon showing in app launcher

If you do not have the Snapverter icon you can go to
5. When the dashboard opens, you will see a message stating that you cannot access some or all the required folders in Google Drive. You can select Settings in the error box or at the top of the dashboard.

Snapverter dashboard showing the settings tab and error message saying there are no snapverter folders

6. Once you are in settings, you will see a blue link that says Create. Click on that and it will create the new Snapverterfolder.

Link that says create that will create the snapverter folders in your Google drive

7. You will get a notice that the folders were created and you will see them in your dashboard.

Settings tab within the snapverter dashboard that shows the snapverter folders

8. You can now go back into your Google Drive and start converting files again.