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How To Move Your Read&Write v11.5 Settings To A New Computer

If you need to move your settings to a new computer this can easily be done by following these steps:

  1. Click on the drop down list beside the Texthelp button on the Read&Write toolbar and choose Save my Settings

Save my settings

  1. Browse to the location on your computer that you would like to save your settings to and click OK
  2. When your settings have been saved a message box confirming the location of your settings will be displayed.  Take a note of this location
  3. Copy your Read&Write saved settings to a USB to transfer them to your new computer
  4. On your new computer, open Read&Write
  5. From the drop down menu beside the Texthelp button choose Load my settings

Load my settings

  1. You will now see a message asking you to confirm overwriting your current Read&Write settings.  Click Yes
  2. Browse to the folder in the location you saved your settings to and click on TexthelpExportedSettings, then click on the Load Settings button

Browse window

  1. When your settings have been loaded, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click OK. Read&Write will then close so your new settings can be saved
  2. Open Read&Write.  Your settings will now be available
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