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Why Does My Snapverter Dashboard Say I Have No More Credits Left?

If you’re using a trial account of Snapverter and your file is not converting, you may be getting a message 'No more credits left for conversion'. With a trial account of Snapverter you have 10 initial scans, followed by 1 per week. If you get this message, it means you have used your current allowance of scans with Snapverter.

If you are a premium user and seeing this message, please email and tell us what email that is logged into Snapverter as well as the email that is logged into Chrome. To see what email is logged into Chrome copy and paste chrome://settings into your URL bar.

Snapverter Dashboard showing reason why a file failed

You can track the number of credits you have left by checking your account information in the top right corner of the Snapverter dashboard.

Snapverter license type

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