Installing the Texthelp PDF Reader

When accessing a PDF you may be prompted to install the Texthelp PDF Reader or you can install it manually

Install Extension

First Prompt Install Texthelp PDF Reader

Click Install Now

Add Extension Texthelp PDF Reader

Click Add Extension

Texthelp PDF Reader has been added to Chrome

You will see a notice that the Texthelp PDF Reader has been added to Chrome

Install Drive App

You will then be prompted to install the Drive App

Install Drive App

Click Install Now

Choose an Account

Note:  You may need to enable pop-ups to see this screen

Pop-up Blocked

To allow pop-ups for the Texthelp PDF Reader, click the pop-up warning icon and select Always allow pop-ups from

Always allow pop-ups from

Select the account you would like to use

Choose Google Account

Select Additional Features

Select Additional Features

If you would like to enable additional feature select Allow Collecting Highlights to Drive, Enable Google Classroom, Open Web PDFs then click Add Features

Grant Permissions

Note: This window opens in a new tab and may be behind the screen your PDF is open with

Google Account Allow Access

Click Allow to grant access

Installation Complete!

Installation Complete!

If PDFs do not open after granting access, please read My PDFs don’t open with the Texthelp PDF Reader