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How To Install A Read&Write v11.5 Site License On A Standalone Computer

In a standard network installation of Read&Write you should create the Admin and Users folders for Read&Write on a server share so users can access their own settings when Read&Write is opened on any computer on your network.

You may have standalone computers that also require Read&Write. To install on these computers follow the steps below:

  1. On the computer create an Admin folder (eg RWAdmin) for Read&Write in C:\Users\Public
  2. If you would like to use the Teachers Toolkit to manage Read&Write, create a Users folder (eg RWUsers) in C:\Users\Public

Admin and users folders

  1. Install Read&Write
  2. During the installation you will be asked to enter the paths to the Admin and Users folders.  For the Admin folder enter C:\Users\Public\RWAdmin for the Users folder enter C:\Users\Public\RWUsers

Installer Admin and Users paths

  1. Once installation has completed, run Read&Write to activate it
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