I'm Not Seeing Open With Read&Write for Google Chrome™ When Opening a PDF

1. Be sure theRead&Write for Google Chrome extension is installed.
 2. Click the following link to install the PDF Reader: https://pdf.texthelp.com/pdfreader/openwithrw.html

Alternatively, you can:

1. Add the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension

2. Go to Google Drive and open a new or existing Google Doc. This will prompt you to choose an account:

Choose Account Screenshot.png

3. Click the Allow  button to confirm permissions

Confirm Permissions Screenshot.png

4. Go back to Google Drive and refresh the screen (hit F5 or the Chrome refresh button)

Chrome Refresh Button Google Drive Screenshot.png

5. Then open a PDF. You should now see Read&Write for Google Chrome™ as an option when you choose Open with

Open With.png