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I Have Read&Write v11.5, What Do I Do If I Get A Message That Activation was Unsuccessful?

(This applies to single user licenses only) 

If this message is displayed check if a file called rwl.dat exists in C:\texthelp on your computer.  If this file exists, delete rwl.dat and run Read&Write again.

C texthelp folder

If you're still seeing this message when you run Read&Write:-

  1. On your computer go to C:\Program Files\Texthelp\Read And Write 11\
  2. Find the file called register.ini and open it using NotePad
  3. Once opened, change the line:

Tutoract=C:\Program Files\Texthelp\Read And Write 11\Texthelp



  1. Save your changes and close register.ini
  1. Open and activate Read&Write
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