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I Can't Hear Any Speech In Chrome Using Read&Write For Mac 6

If Read&Write for Mac (6) is not reading in Google Chrome there are a few things that need to be checked:

  • Is  Read the Web option enabled in Read & Write Speech Preferences
  • Is the Read&Write Support extension for Chrome installed and enabled

To turn the Read the Web function on in Read&Write for Mac (6) please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Read&Write and select the Preferences icon

Read&Write Toolbar

  1. Then select Speech from the tab on the left
  2. You will need to select the tick box for Read the Web to turn the feature on
  3. Ensure to click Close to save changes

Read&Write Features window

  1. Now try to read some text within a webpage in chrome. If you still cannot read within chrome please check to see if extension is installed. (See below)

Is the extension installed

You will be prompted to install the Read&Write extension for Google Chrome the first time Read&Write for Mac (6) and Chrome are opened at the same time.  This extension must be installed if you want to use Read&Write with Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click the three horizontal bars on the right of the screen
  3. Then click on Settings

Chrome settings window

  1. Then select the Extensions option from the tab on the left

  1. The Read&Write Support for Google extension should be listed and enabled

Read&Write support for Chrome extension

  1. If the extension is installed and you cannot use Read&Write within Chrome, you will need to remove the extension and reinstall. To remove the extension click on the trash can beside the extension

  1. Now that the extension is removed you will need to reinstall the extension. There are two ways to reinstall. See below:
    1. Close down Read&Write and Chrome. Then reopen Chrome and Read&Write and you will be prompted to install the extension again.
    2. You can download the extension from the Chrome store by using the link below:

  1. Once reinstalled you will be able to use Read&Write for Mac (6) with Google Chrome.

No extension installed:

If the extension is not installed and you are not be prompted to install the extension, please download the extension by using the link below. Once the extension is installed restart Chrome and you will now be able to use Read&Write for Mac (6) with Chrome.

**Note: Please remember to turn the Read the Web function on in Read & Write to enable functionality in Chrome. See page one of this document**

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