How to use the Voice Notes feature

Voice Notes is a feature in Read&Write for Google Chrome™ that allows you to record a short audio file of your voice, and insert it into a Google Doc as a comment. Then you can listen to the recording, or others that have access to your document can listen to the recording right within the document.

 Voice Notes Button

View our how-to video to learn how to use Voice Notes in Google Docs.

Where does the feature work?

This feature is available inside Google Docs.

How long can Voice Notes be?

Voice Notes can be up to 1 minute long, after which point the recording will automatically stop. A visible timer will count down as you record so you can keep track of your time remaining.

Do my Voice Note audio files get saved somewhere?

Your Voice Notes will be saved in a folder called My Voice Notes in your Google Drive. This folder is automatically created the first time you record a Voice Note, and the audio files will be added to it each time you record a new one. Your My Voice Notes folder will contain sub-folders for each document you use Voice Notes, and the audio files will be saved there. You can rename or reorganize these folders at any time, and your Voice Notes will persist.

Can I share my Voice Notes with people that don’t use Read&Write for Google Chrome?

If you share a document containing Voice Notes with other Read&Write for Google Chrome users, they can click a Play button inside your Voice Note comment to listen to it right inside the document.

If you share a document containing voice notes with other Google users who do not have Read&Write for Google Chrome installed or do not have access to the premium features, they will only see a link to your audio recording in the comment, and will need to open it and listen to it in a new tab in Chrome.

Please note: If permissions are restricted on the original Google Doc, sharing the Voice Notes folder for the Doc will be necessary. Please read Can others add Voice Notes to a shared Google Doc for instructions.