How to use Snapverter

Here is how you convert files with Snapverter

  1. Open up Google Drive on your device by click on the app launcher or going to chrome://apps (Here are instructions for taking a picture on a mobile device and scanning it with Snapverter

Google Drive icon in app launcher

  1. Upload the PDF or picture to your Drive.
  2. Drag the PDF or picture into the Drop files here to convert sub folder of Snapverter Gif or dragging a PDF into the Drop here to convert folder in snapverter
  3. The PDF or picture will move from the Drop here to convert folder, to the In Progress folder, and finally the Finished or Failed folder
  4. The file will then be converted into a readable PDF in the Finished folder.  The file can then be moved out of that folder and shared with students.

If the file ends up in the Failed folder, you can see why it failed by going to and hover your cursor over the Conversion Failed.

Message within the Snapverter dashboard of why the file failed to converter.

Converting a Bookshare/Daisy file to EPUB and sharing it

  1. Add your Daisy book to the Drop here to convert folder in the Snapverter folder (Make sure you keep the Daisy file as a zipped folder)

zipped file in google drive

  1. Wait for the conversion to complete (it may take up to 5 minutes) 
  1. The converted file will appear in the Finished folder in EPUB format  epub file in google drive
  1. The file can then be moved out of the Finished folder and shared with students.