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How To Get More Voices For Read&Write v11.5

We have a number of additional voices that can be downloaded and installed on your computer for Read&Write.  To download these voices:-

  1. Go to the Essentials website and enter your serial number.
  2. Once logged on, click on Additional Voices

Essentials Additional Voices option

  1. Download and install the voices you would like to use in Read&Write.

Additional Voices are downloaded as compressed files - don’t forget to ‘extract’ them

When you’ve finished downloading and installing the voices, you can add these voices to Read&Write easily by following these steps:-

  1. Open Read&Write.
  2. Open Speech Options from the drop down list beside the Play button on the Read&Write toolbar.

Speech drop down list

  1. Click on the Search button in Speech Options.

Speech Options

  1. Select the voices you would like to use, then click OK

Available SAPI voices

  1. These voices will now be available in the drop down list in Speech Options.

Speech Options

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