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How Do I Use Hotkeys in Read&Write v11.5?

You can set up hotkeys for various Read&Write functions. Click the dropdown arrow next to the RW button on the Read&Write toolbar and go to General Options

General Options drop down

In General Options click the HotKeys tab

General Options tabs

There are 12 preset HotKeys. In the HotKey function window there are additional commands that can be added to the existing list. Once added HotKeys can be deleted when they appear in the Edit HotKey  window

To set up additional HotKeys:

  • Select the Read&Write function to which you want to assign hotkeys, from the HotKey function selection list box.

Hotkeys Options

Select any of the HotKey combination check boxes to represent the first hotkeys for the new HotKey. You must include either Ctrl, Alt or Shift as part of the combination.

Hotkeys combinations

  • Select a keyboard key from the drop down list directly below the HotKey combination list to work with your new HotKey

New Hotkey

Click on the Save button.

Your entry will now be listed in the HotKey combination and HotKey function list boxes.

To delete a hotkey entry, select it from the HotKey combination and HotKey function list boxes and then click on the Delete button.

To change an entry in the HotKey combination and HotKey function list boxes, you should delete the entry and then complete the steps again to reinsert it.

Note: If you have Microsoft Word open, any HotKey you set up in Read&Write will not override the Microsoft Word hotkey settings. If you want to override the Microsoft Word hotkeys, you must launch Read&Write first, change the hotkey settings and then launch Microsoft Word.

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