How do I set Preview as default to open PDFs instead of the Texthelp PDF Reader

Note: These instructions apply only for PDFs opened through Google Drive. For the Texthelp PDF Reader to not open PDFs from websites please read How can I disable PDFs opening with the PDF Reader from websites.

To have PDFs to open in Preview instead of the Read&Write for Google Chrome PDF Reader, go to Google Drive and click the Settings button

Google Drive Settings Button

In the Settings menu, select Settings

Google Drive Settings

In Settings  choose Manage Apps

Google Drive Manage Apps

In Manage Apps locate Read&Write for Google Chrome™, Texthelp PDF Reader then untick Use by default

Google Drive Use by default

Click Done

Note: Read&Write for Google Chrome can still be used with this option selected

PDFs will now open with Preview by default. PDFs can then be opened with the PDF Reader by using the Open with option in Preview

Open with Read&Write for Google Chrome