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How Do I Read Webpages With My Read&Write for Mac In Google Chrome

You can use Read&Write for Mac (6) with Google Chrome. To enable this a Read&Write extension needs to be installed. You will be prompted to install the Read&Write Support for Google Chrome extension the first time you open up Google Chrome when using Read&Write for Mac (6). Below is the webpage you should see prompting to install extension.

Read&Write Google Chrome extension window

  1. Click on Install Now to install the extension
  2. When the extension is installed you will be prompted to restart Chrome

Read&Write Google Chrome Restart Browser window

  1. When restart is complete, you can see the installed extension from the extension options in Chrome. Below is the extension Read&Write for Mac (6) needs to work with Google Chrome     Read&Write Chrome Extension

  1. Please ensure the extension is enabled

You will then be able to use features of Read&Write for Mac (6) with Google Chrome.

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