Help with installing Read&Write for Professionals

Please note:- Before installing Read&Write for Professionals, make sure you’re using version 11.5.6 of Read&Write.  The article How do I update explains how to find your version and check for any updates.

Single User: You must be logged in with an administrator account to install Professional upgrade.

Site User: You must be logged in with a domain administrator account to install Professional upgrade.

Once you’ve checked you’re using Read&Write 11.5.6, follow these steps to install Read&Write for Professionals:-

  1. Download the Read&Write for Professionals zip file.

  1. Right click the downloaded file file and Choose Extract All... Click on Extract. “Password needed” will appear.

  1. Enter the password (this will have been sent to you by email) and and click on OK.

  1. You should now have a file called - Read&Write11_5_For_Professionals.EXE

  1. Double click on Read&Write11_5_For_Professionals.EXE, then click on Yes to install. Click on OK when installation has completed.

update complete message


  1. To turn on Medical, Engineering or Legal Spelling files, open Spelling Options and click on the Settings tab.

  1. Choose your preferences from the new UK Medical and Pharmaceuticals, US Medical, Engineering or Legal spelling dictionaries.

Spelling Options


  1. To turn on Medical, Engineering and Legal Prediction files, open Prediction Options and click on the Context tab.

  1. In the Prediction Word Banks list, choose your preferences from the new Engineering, Legal, Medical (UK), Medical (US), Pharmaceuticals (UK) Prediction files.

Prediction Options

  1. Click OK.

Read&Write for Professionals is now ready to be used.