Getting started with WriQ

WriQ can be used on any Google Doc in your drive. This is typically a document a student has typed, and has shared with you to review. 

To add WriQ to Google Docs,  please read How to install WriQ

First time use

The first time you use WriQ, you need to provide some basic details about yourself:

User details for WriQ

Your grade is the grade you normally teach. If you teach more than one grade, just choose the one that you teach most often (you can always adjust the grade a student is in when scoring).

Click Register, and that’s it! WriQ is ready to use.

Note: If you're having trouble registering, please read I Can't Register for WriQ

Using the sidebar

Access the WriQ sidebar by going to the Google Docs Add-ons menu and select WriQ > Show WriQ 

The sidebar will appear to the right of your document:

WriQ feature in Google Docs

WriQ will work out who the Main Writer of the document is by seeing who spent the most time editing it - usually your student. You can change this using the Main Writer drop down if needed.

WriQ also shows what grade it thinks the student is. This is easily changed using the drop down provided.

Scoring a passage

Scoring text is easy. Click the Score this Document button on the sidebar. WriQ will analyze the document, then display the scoring window:

Scoring a passage with WriQ

The text is shown in a simplified form on the left of the window. Writing scores are summarized on the right hand side.

Any errors that WriQ has detected are shown in red, with the affected words on either side colored orange. WriQ works with Correct Word Sequences - groups of three words, where an error in one word affects the words on either side.

If WriQ misses an error you can click the word and choose the error you think it should be. This will update the scores on the right.

Words with errors

Similarly, if WriQ has marked a word as an error and you think it’s not, you can click the word and choose Clear Error.

When you’re happy, click Save. You’ll see a score summary, along with a text area where you can leave some feedback for the student:

Student feedback screen

The score summary includes the number of errors, types of errors, and some basic statistics on their performance. When you click Submit, this will be inserted at the top of the document for the student to see.


The WriQ Dashboard

The WriQ dashboard is where you track students’ progress over time. You can get to it by clicking Go to Dashboard in the WriQ sidebar in a document, or bookmark the following URL:

When you open the dashboard, you’ll see the Recent Activity tab. This lists all the documents you’ve scored for your students, with the newest at the top.

Click a student’s name to see their running record, or click a document name in the Activity column to see the score summary panel, along with a link back to the document.

WriQ dashboard


The Students tab shows a summary for each student. You can drill down to each student’s individual running record by clicking their name:

Student's individual records

The running record shows a graph of the student’s percentage error free and text maturity over time. You can change the date range of the graph using the date filter on the top right.

The summary table below shows all of the student’s work. You can also see the score summary panel and a link to the original document by clicking a title in the Document column.

Summary of student's work

Feedback and Support

As a new product, we’re updating WriQ all the time, adding new features, and listening to your feedback.

If you think WriQ is cool, use the Refer Teacher tab to share it via social media. Or if you have a feature request or other feedback, use the Send Feedback tab.

If you want help, use the form below to contact our support team.

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