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Read&Write EULA

13/09/2017Texthelp Support
Please click the following for our Read&Write EULA .

Technical Support Policy

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
Texthelp provides free technical support to registered users of the most current versions of our software*. If you haven't done so already, please register your software with us including your contact details and your serial number or product ...

Using TeamViewer

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
To allow us to connect to your machine please click the link below to start downloading TeamViewer . TeamViewer download link You will see the following screen when you connect to the website When TeamViewer o...

What Does My Read&Write Subscription Include

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
As of October 1, 2016 , Read&Write will be available by annual subscription for singles, groups of students, or total student enrollment. Included in your annual subscription is access to the following Read&Write products: ...