Setting up your EquatIO Group License - Texthelp Admin Tool

The Texthelp Admin Tool can be used to manage which users will have access to EquatIO for Google Chrome, Windows and Mac.

Note: This information is for EquatIO group licenses and does not apply to unlimited licenses. 

For unlimited licenses please see EquatIO Deployment.


If your organization uses G Suite, the Texthelp Google Admin Tool should be used to manage your EquatIO Group.

Note: The Texthelp Admin Tool should not be used when using the Texthelp Google Admin Tool. Using the Texthelp Admin Tool along with the Texthelp Google Admin Tool may result in users losing premium access.

If your organization doesn’t use G Suite, the Texthelp Admin Tool must be used to manage your EquatIO Group.

Adding users to your EquatIO Group

1. Go to the Texthelp Admin Tool.

2. Enter your EquatIO Product Code and click Continue.

3. Click on the provider you want to sign in with.

4. Select or enter the details for the account you want to use.

5. Accept the permissions.

6. To add multiple email addresses, click on Manage Group. We recommend uploading a CSV file to manage users. Please see Format of CSV file for further information.


Per the Texthelp Privacy Policy email addresses are encrypted once in our database when added to the group and cannot be viewed in the Texthelp Admin Tool.

Any users added to the group Using Quick add/remove will delete existing users in the group. For this reason we recommend maintaining a CSV file when any users need to be added or removed. 

Removing users from your EquatIO Group

If you want to remove users from your EquatIO group, you can either upload a new CSV file containing only the users you want to be part of the EquatIO group or remove them from the original CSV file and then upload the file. This will remove any users who are currently listed in the EquatIO group. 

We recommend using only one CSV file to maintain the users in the group. If there are multiple CSV files in use any existing users who aren't on the latest uploaded file will be removed.

Checking How Many Users You Have

The type of license, number of seats, and number of users you’ve enrolled in the EquatIO group can be found on the Home page of the Texthelp Admin Tool.

Note: Per the Texthelp Privacy Policy email addresses are encrypted once in our database when added to the group and cannot be viewed in the Texthelp Admin Tool.

Format of CSV file

The CSV file should contain a list of the email addresses you want to add to the EquatIO group.

Please note: All users who are to be licensed must be on the CSV file including existing users. Once the file is uploaded any existing users in the group who are not listed on the uploaded CSV file will be removed from the group. It is recommended to add new users to a CSV file with existing users to maintain the list of licensed users. 

Additionally, any users that were added using Quick add/remove will also be removed if they're not on a current CSV file that's uploaded.


Once you've finished setting up your group, proceed to deploying EquatIO. Please click the appropriate link for the products listed below:

EquatIO extension for Google Chrome: How to deploy apps and extensions through the Google Admin Console

EquatIO for Windows: Deploying EquatIO for Windows

EquatIO for Mac: Deploying EquatIO for Mac