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Equatio Ai Forms Creator is Blocked

If your users are seeing the below error or similar when attempting to use the new Equatio Ai Forms Creator in Google Forms, some steps need to be taken by your Google Administrator to allow its use.

Step 1:  Open up the Google Admin Console & visit this website: to go right to the particular part in the console that we need you to adjust the settings for.  

Step 2: This should show you a list of configured apps in your domain.

Admin Console Screenshot

Step 3: Select Add app & choose OAuth App Name or Client ID

Add app screenshot in Admin Console

Step 4: Type in the Search box ‘Equatio’ & select Search.

eq search

Step 5: Click on Select to the right of Equatio. 

Equatio result in Admin Console Add App

Step 6: Choose the box at the top in the image below to select all five permissions.

5 scopes to select screenshot

Step 7: Choose the Select button

Select button screenshot

Step 8:  *Important* - If you just want to deploy this to teachers to use, you can choose ‘Select org units’ & manually go in and choose the org units you wish to include.

Org units or full domain options

Step 9: Once you have selected who you want to deploy this to, choose Continue.

Step 10: Select the ‘Trusted’ radio button and check the box to ‘Allowlist for exemption from API access blocks in context-aware access. Available only for apps added via OAuth client IDs’.  When done, choose ‘Continue’

Trusted selection screenshot

Note: Your prompts may look slightly different than those shown above.  However the"trusted" option should be selected

Step 11:  Confirmation screen to the changes you are about to make.  Select Finish to confirm. 

Step 12:  Google Confirm Parental Consent - (By you selecting the org units up in Step 8 - you are acknowledging that the users or adults on your campus are over the age of 18).  Choose Confirm.

parental consent

Step 13: This will then add the following 5 permissions to the org units you selected.  

You may choose View Details to review the changes you made. 

scopes screenshot

Step 14: The View Details window will let you know that it is Trusted & API Block-exempt.  It will also list the org units.  This would be good to confirm that you have only granted access to people over the age of 18.  You may opt to check the View Details for all 5 Permissions.

Equatio screenshot

Step 15: It is now time to test the functionality again from someone in the Org Unit.  We recommend that the Sign Out of the product.  Choose the menu button on Equatio, and select Switch User.  Close out of Chrome completely.  Then launch Chrome again.  Visit the website: in your Google Chrome Browser.  Click on the blue Equatio icon, and choose the Ai, Forms Creator button.  You should see a Forms Permission window appear.

  permissions screenshot

This permission may hide behind other tabs you have opened.  Click ‘Allow’ and your Ai Forms Creator should be working.  

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