Creating MP3s, downloading and saving them

You can create MP3’s from the text on a website by highlighting text and selecting the MP3 feature as below:

Browsealoud Toolbar

When you have highlighted the text and selected the MP3 Feature you will then receive the option to name the MP3 and save it


Browsealoud Save as MP3 window

Your Internet browser decides where the MP3 files are downloaded to. It will be the same location as where any other files you download from the Internet are saved to.

By default the locations are:

Internet Explorer: You are asked for a location to save to

Chrome: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Downloads

Firefox: C:\Users\*USERNAME\Downloads

Please be aware when you are highlighting the text the size limit is set at 13,000 characters of text.

If you are above this you will receive a message saying you are above the limit.