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ClaroRead USB Creator User Guide

You can now download and run ClaroRead from a USB drive on any Windows or Mac with USB Creator!

ClaroRead can be installed on a USB pen drive instead of onto a desktop or laptop. You can install any version of ClaroRead, and you can do it yourself: you only need your licence key.

 USB Creator

You use our Windows or Mac program, USB Creator. This lets you create your own USB pen drive versions of ClaroRead SE, Plus or Pro for Windows or Mac. It downloads and copies everything to a USB drive you provide, and you can then run ClaroRead from the USB drive on any Windows or Mac. The USB drive is protected so it can’t be copied and run elsewhere: it is personal to you and your licence key.

You need all of the following:

  • A ClaroRead for Windows or Mac licence key. This counts as one of your ClaroRead installations with this key.

  • A blank USB drive at least 4GB in size.

  • We strongly recommend a USB-3 USB pen drive, and using a USB-3 port on your computer – USB-3 ports have a blue centre so you can identify them. This will make the USB faster to create and use.

  • A good Internet connection to download all of the software.


Now simply download and install the USB Creator program using the following link and follow the on-screen instructions:

 Windows USB Creator app

Mac USB Creator app

 Help and Documentation

 Which USB drive to use?

There are thousands of drives, so we can’t provide a definitive list, but here are drives we have tried out and worked fine:

  • Lexar Jumpdrive S45, S50 and P20

  • SanDisk Extreme and Ultra Flair

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