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Choosing Where To Start Reading With Claro Read In Adobe Reader PDF On Touchscreens

ClaroRead lets you click in a PDF file in Adobe Reader, click Play on the ClaroRead toolbar, then hear the PDF file read back from that point.

If you are on a touchscreen computer/monitor with Adobe XI then you may find that you cannot click on the PDF file to place the caret (cursor) to indicate where you want to start reading.

Adobe Reader detects that you are on a touchscreen and goes into Touch Mode when you open a PDF. This is helpful to let you flick and scroll through the PDF file, but it also changes the default Selection Tool to the Hand Tool. To click and place the caret you need to use the Select Tool instead, but Adobe Reader XI also hides the button on the toolbar that changes to the Select Tool.

You can quickly change to the Select Tool by right-clicking on the PDF document and selecting Select Tool from the drop-down menu:

right click menu in adobe reader highlighting the selection tool

You can now click in the document to indicate where you want to start reading, or select text to have ClaroRead read it out straight away.

To make the Select Tool button reappear on the toolbar so that you can get to it more easily, open the View menu, the Show/Hide menu item, Toolbar Items menu item, Select & Zoom menu item, and click Select Tool. The button will now appear on the toolbar and you can click it on any time more easily:

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