Changing the size of icons on the toolbar

You can change the size of icons on the Read&Write for Mac (6) toolbar as well as including text. To do this follow steps below:

  1. Open Read&Write and click on the View option on the top toolbar.
  1. Then select Customise Toolbar (see below)

Read&Write customized toolbar option window

  1. The customise window will then open. From here you can set how you would like the icons to appear on the toolbar. At the bottom of the window you can change the icons using the following two options (see image below)

Customized window

Under the Show dropdown there are three options to choose from:

Read&Write options window

Select the option you would like to use.

  1. You can then set the icons to appear small or normal size. If you want the icons to appear smaller select the Use small size box. If you want larger icons ensure the box is unselected (see images below)

Use small size tickbox ticked

Icons will appear smaller

Use small size tickbox unticked

Icons will appear larger