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Can I Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC With Read&Write v11.5?

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has replaced Adobe Reader XI as Adobe’s free PDF reader. Read&Write 11 is compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, but a few steps need to be made in order for Read&Write to work with Reader DC as below.

If Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has been installed after Read&Write, you will need to visit our Essentials site with your serial number and choose the option Read&Write tools. Simply click on Reinstall PDF Aloud to get the latest installer, and install it.

Turn off Protected Mode:

You will need to switch off Enable Protected Mode. You can do this by going to:

Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) and turn off Enabled Protected Mode At Startup.

Adobe Reader Edit Menu

  • In Preferences go to Security (Enhanced)

Security (Enhanced)

  • Untick Enable Protected Mode At Startup and click OK

Using PDFAloud with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

To use PDFAloud with Reader DC first be sure that Read&Write is setup to use PDFaloud with Adobe.

  • Click the dropdown arrow at the right end of the Read&Write 11 toolbar and select Use PDFAloud for Adobe. Restart Read&Write

RW drop down list

  • Click on the PDF Aloud button on the Read&Write 11 toolbar and open a PDF
  • When Adobe Acrobat Reader DC opens go to Tools and  scroll down to bottom and locate PDF Aloud toolbar then click Open

Adobe Reader Tools Window

  • The PDF Aloud toolbar will then appear in the Reader document view

Adobe with PDFaloud

Please Note: Reader DC doesn't support plugins with online PDFs so only downloaded PDFs can be read with PDF Aloud.

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