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Browsealoud Loading Times

02/12/2021Texthelp Support 2
Browsealoud Loading Times and where is best place to put the script

Don’t have a Google or Microsoft Account To Log Into The Browsealoud Portal?

09/29/2020Texthelp Support 2
How to create a Google Account. 1. Visit 2. Click Sign in at the top right of the page. 3. On the login page, click Create account . 4. Enter your name and, instead of requesting a new Google email address, clic...

Browsealoud V3 Version Management

07/08/2020Texthelp Support 2
Browsealoud V3 Version Management that will detect if a toolbar version has been specified for your site in the Browsealoud Customer Portal and it will load that specific version on your site.

Testing With The Latest Browsealoud Version

07/08/2020Texthelp Support 2
Testing With The Latest Browsealoud Version if you are using versioning control before making it live.

How To Use Browsealoud Versioning Control

05/21/2020Texthelp Support 2
How to Use Browsealoud Versioning Control to pick a specific version so a customer can upgrade at their time of choosing.

Fixed Navigation For Browsealoud V3

How to resolve fixed navigation for Browsealoud for elements on the page that need to be updated inline.

Browsealoud System Requirements V3

05/20/2020Texthelp Support 2
Browsealoud System Requirements required for V3

Content Security Policies For Browsealoud V 3.0.0 And Above

05/12/2020Texthelp Support 2
How to allow Browsealoud to work with CSP on your website.

Details Of Cookies For Browsealoud V3

05/11/2020Texthelp Support 2
Details of Cookies that are used for Browsealoud V3 which are now persisted in Local Storage in the web browser.

Browsealoud Cookies And Privacy Changes

05/11/2020Texthelp Support 2
Recommendations for information to be included in your website’s own privacy policy page for Cookies and Privacy Information with regards to Browsealoud.
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