Adding Snapverter to your account

Snapverter is an App listed in the Chrome Web Store that will convert imaged based PDFs and pictures of text, into accessible PDFs and Daisy files into ePubs.

1. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store

2. Search the store for Snapverter

3. Click on +ADD TO CHROME (Make sure you are logged into Chrome with the correct email) and Add app.

4. This will bring you to your App Launch (chrome://apps) and you will see the Snapverter icon.

5. Click on the Snapverter icon and that will ask you to Choose an account and ALLOW permissions. Once permissions are allowed you will be asked if you are a student. If you are a teacher, you can select NO

*Snapverter will ask if you are a student or teacher for the purpose of data security and student data protection*

6. Now that all permissions are allowed, Snapverter will then create a Snapverter folder in your Google Drive with four sub folders.

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In Progress

Here are instructions on how to use Snapverter